You probably already read about technology being one of my greatest hobbies. What software do I use? How do I work? How do I follow my passions?

Personally, I run Ubuntu 17.04 on my laptop as my operating system. My desktop PC at home runs on Windows 10.

To browse the internet, I normally use Google Chrome. When the laptop is getting slow again, I switch to Firefox, since it uses a lot less RAM. Sometimes, when I feel like I want to abandon my mouse/touchpad for a while and don’t want to leave the comfort of my keyboard, I use QuTeBrowser, which uses vim-like keybindings to operate completely without the need for a mouse/touchpad. Makes browsing a lot faster, if you like the keyboard more than your mouse. When I need to use the interweb anonymously, I use a VPN via Private Internet Access (PIA).

What is this vim? Vim is a command line based text editor with quite a steep learning curve. But learning a proper text editor will help your developer skills quite a bit! When I want to use a graphical editor, I tend to use Visual Studio Code. How I set up this wonderful editor to do all my work, including programming, developing websites and typesetting documents with LaTeX, will be another blog post in the future, since this is only supposed to be an overview.

Since I work with audio quite a lot and music is kind of my life, there are a few programs I’d like to mention here. I decided quite a while ago, that I don’t want to store all my music locally. I am using Spotify for all my listening needs. For the rare occasion, that I need to listen to a song which is not on Spotify, I sometimes go over to Google Play Music. On the creating end of the audio section, I like to use Audacity for simple and Ardour for the more complex recordings. MIDIs are created with MuseScore.

If and when I do somehow find time to play some games, I will probably use Steam and my extended game library over there. With 400+ games it is not quite a representation of my minimalist lifestyle plans; maybe this will change in the future.

The graphics section is lead by InkScape for creation of vector graphics and GIMP for all other image editing. Darktable is a nice Lightroom alternatice and Scribus can replace InDesign quite efficiently. Sometimes I need (or want) to do screen recordings; for example when creating YouTube videos/tutorials/etc. The recording part is done with OBS Project, a must-have for everyone that records their computer screen! For the editing part, I use DaVinci Resolve. Essentially a color correction software, it’s video editing functionality won’t disappoint you. When I am working on my laptop and need to quickly edit some video, I use Pitivi.

And last but not least, the social side of my life. I use the multi messenger platform Franz. Check it out! You have a huge variety of messenging services that are included in a single software package. Makes it great to stay tuned on all possible social media channels. When I am feeling hacky, I use IRC via HexChat. Great communities can be found on IRC, and for any tech-related topic you will find all the advice you gonna need to learn new things!

That basically wraps up the software I do use on a regular basis. You might ask you things like: ‘What do you use for email?’ I thought about including it here, but then decided to do a seperate blog post for web services I use. I do not use ThunderBird etc but do everything in my browser. But read more about all of this in a later post!

Thanks for coming by! See you soon.