The beginning is always the hardest?

From hoarder to minimalist. From technology collector to just keep what you need. From a 300 pieces wardrobe to a minimalist’s lifestyle (and wardrobe; of course). From a filled bookshelf to: I actually don’t read at all, so I am gonna get rid of those.

The beginning is always the hardest
Kemmy Nola

But, is it?

Where to start? The books will be first! Why keep books, when all your reading is done online? The great Terry Pratchett collection sold, a handful of books with sentimental value and a handful of I really need to read them books are still in my room. The still good ones were gifted to people who actually will read them. All the rest, including really old school books that were supposed to be dumped ages ago, ended up in the trash.

As a non-reader this was the easiest to start with. So how do you start? List what you got. List what is unnecessary. Then sort the list by value to yourself. You read? Probably the bookshelf won’t be the first thing that gets decluttered. You collect sneakers and don’t read too much? Maybe the book-start will work for you, too.

That makes the beginning quite easy, doesn’t it? So what’s with the hard beginning? Think about it! The beginning is the hardest, but you just make your beginning easy. This means the rest of the journey will be even easier which leads to a quote from the famous German author Bertolt Brecht:

Those who fight can lose. Those who do not fight have already lost.
Bertolt Brecht

Just start. Listing stuff is easy. Sorting it by the value and joy it gives you is harder but quite manageable. The first piece of clutter thrown out or gifted or sold is easy again. Just go for it. If I can do it. You can do it, too.