Story of my life (education edition)

I set up a small about me page, but I might explain some things. I am around a quarter century old (or young, depending on your point of view), spent most of my lifetime in a larger city (around 500k citizens) and moved out to a smaller city for studying. I started with studying mathematics, later on switched to linguistics with a strong focus on computational linguistics, which could be flattened down summarized to something like combination of linguistics and computer science. Computational linguistics basically happens every time, a computer works with natural language. Don’t confuse this with programming languages. This actually has nothing to do with CL.

During my studies, I started working at my university to earn some money. After a couple of those student assistant jobs and half a year studying abroad, I got the one job I am currently working at – Mastering the faculty’s and it’s staff’s websites. All in all it’s about ~100 people’s websites that I do manage. With this job, my interest in web design and web development got stronger and stronger. All I did until then, was building my personal website (and rebuilding it like a thousand times).

Building websites and being the tech guy, that everyone texted, when something was going on with their electronics, made me found my own small web services company to not only have the fun of fixing and building stuff for friends and family, but also earn some extra money on my way.

Finishing up my bachelor’s degree, I have to plan ahead a little. Since there is no real master’s degree in web design and development, I decided to do the one program, that comes closest and at the same time, gives me the option to grow my business while studying. End of the year, I will start studying interdisciplinary media science somehow connecting both my tech affinity and my linguistic knowledge.

So, why do I tell this story? It is important to me, that I can show, that you don’t need a straight-forward kind of education. You don’t need to know what you do before you even begin. Just start with something you might enjoy. Not your thing? Switch your subject. I did it two times. First thought of being a maths teacher; after switching majors two times, having a handful of student assistant jobs, studying abroad for a while, I found what makes me happiest. Technology stuff, building and managing websites, freelancing jobs and growing my own business.

There isn’t the way to study. Check out what you think is good for you. If it isn’t the right thing, don’t try to still finish, just switch. Have jobs – if possible inside university. This way you can network with a lot of people. Go and study abroad. The whole degree or just a year? Doesn’t matter; just do it! And do extracurricular stuff. Students council, sports club, music, whatever fits you best!

Just a few of my thoughts about non-linear studying.

Cheers for hanging out – See you soon!